Agência USP de Cooperação Acadêmica Nacional e Internacional

During this year, we prepared Viva Usp for you. This project is one of the many initiatives for USP internationalization. We kindly request you to send this invitation to your students, professors, researchers, and staff members who are interested in an exchange experience at the University of São Paulo.

The USP International Office provides the university community with free-of-charge access to this innovative, dynamic course. As they take this course, those who are interested in studying or doing research as exchange students at USP will have an opportunity to live an experience focused on their first contacts with Brazil. The access platform is a user friendly, intuitive, interactive tool that will enable you and your university community to learn about interaction contexts before coming to Brazil.

Not only will course participants get to know the institutional resources and available cultural devices for finding assistance at USP, but also they will grasp the common linguistic constructions used in everyday realistic interaction by watching dramatized scenes in Brazilian Portuguese.

The course comprises 10 chapters to be covered in 30 self-instruction hours. Course participants are expected to master the Portuguese language at A1 level. The course was devised with a focus on the challenges newcomers are likely to face prior to their arrival at USP, in all fields of knowledge. The course is free-of-charge and includes a certificate upon completion.

We would truly appreciate it if you could send this invitation to your students, professors, researchers, and staff members. As you do so, please inform them to register at https://conteudo.pecege.com/viva-usp-en

By offering this program, USP expects to provide you and people interested in an exchange program at our university with tools and communicative strategies specifically focused on the São Paulo and USP discursive-pragmatic contexts they will be inserted in. This includes experiences since they arrive at Guarulhos International Airport until their first visit to the selected USP faculty and scholar institution.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at international.communication@usp.br or vivausp@pecege.com (for technical issues).