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USP and the University of Queensland sign cooperation agreement

Representatives from USP and the University of Queensland participated in the signing ceremony of the agreement – Photo: Cecília Bastos/USP Images.

On August 9th, USP and the University of Queensland, an Australian higher education institution, signed an international academic cooperation agreement. The agreement aims to promote the exchange of faculty, researchers, and technical-administrative staff between both universities, as well as foster joint development of academic events and research projects.

The meeting, held at the Salão de Atos in the Rectorate building, was attended by the USP Rector, Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior; the President of the USP National and International Academic Cooperation Agency (Aucani), Sergio Proença; and the Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Queensland, Deborah Terry, among other representatives of both institutions.

“This agreement we are about to sign represents our university’s intention to work more closely with the University of Queensland and learn from you to make our country better,” said Carlotti.

Deborah Terry expressed her satisfaction in signing an agreement with a strong university like USP. “As a university, we are very pleased to sign this agreement today. I believe that together we can achieve great things. Brazil and Australia have much in common.

The Rector of USP, Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior, and the Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Queensland, Deborah Terry, sign the agreement between the two universities – Photo: Cecília Bastos/USP Images.

Provost for International Cooperation, Sergio Proença, stated that “this is a very important moment because our main objective is to have special partners through collaborations” and mentioned the similar global reputation that USP and the University of Queensland hold in international rankings.

The leaders of the partner universities, Carlotti and Deborah, also expressed their concerns about environmental issues, an area in which they are interested in collaborating. “We will play a significant role in the global societal energy transitions that need to be made,” said the President. This commitment is reflected in USP’s commitment to sustainable development. “We have to prepare people who care about the Amazon rainforest and the Atlantic Forest to preserve them,” emphasized Carlotti, highlighting the importance of considering solutions for the preservation of rivers in São Paulo, such as the Tietê and Pinheiros.


by Ingrid Gonzaga for USP Journal.