University of São Paulo - Brazil

Entrance Examination

Postgraduate – Degree student

Admission into postgraduate programmes at USP is based on whether or not the applicant meets the general eligibility requirements for studies as well as on selection regulations that are drawn up individually for each degree programme. The regulations are approved by the relevant academic authorities that stipulate the procedures and criteria for the selection of prospective students. Proficiency in Portuguese is mandatory. International students whose first language is not Portuguese must provide proof of language proficiency by submitting official test scores, usually from CELPE-Bras (Certificado de Proficiência em Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros, “Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners”), although it might be demonstrated by other means, depending on each programme. Whether the applicants should provide proof of Portuguese proficiency prior to admission or after it will also depend on each single programme. On top of that, all the applicants must demonstrate proficiency in at least one foreign language other than Portuguese to be determined by the faculty of the relevant departments.

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How to apply

Students interested in obtaining a master’s or PhD degree at USP should apply directly to the programme that most closely fits their interests. The calls for applications are published once or twice a year on the websites of the Colleges, Schools and Research Institutes that offer postgraduate programmes. Prospective Degree Seeking Students should browse the programmes at the webpage of the Office of Graduate Studies or directly in the website section dedicated to the postgraduate education at each single College/School/Research Institute (pós-graduação). Specific questions related to the admission of students into postgraduate programmes should be addressed to the local international offices operating at the faculty level. Before contacting the relevant office, please make sure at which School/Faculty/Institute the programme of your interest is offered. Some programmes are offered jointly by two or more of them. In this case, either can be contacted.