The University of São Paulo (USP)

The University of São Paulo (USP) is the largest institution dedicated to higher education and research in Brazil. Founded in 1934, USP is a public university, with approximately 90,000 students, 12,000 administrative and support staff, 5,300 professors and 8 campuses located in the State of São Paulo.

USP offers undergraduate courses in all fields of knowledge and graduate programs in the Exact, Human and Biological Sciences. USP has Institutes and Schools in all fields of knowledge, hospitals, physical and digital libraries and centers and institutes specialized in advanced research, which complete the scientific development promoted by the University. USP`s museums are open for public visitation and offer artistic, historical and scientific exhibits. USP has many events and locations specially designed to accommodate its cultural and sport activities.

Besides the main campus and some additional schools spread over the city of São Paulo, other campuses are located in 7 cities of the State of São Paulo. Given the various fields of interest covered, it is possible for a student to choose in which campus to study or research. The university has an active role in disseminating science, culture and quality health care for citizens across the country. Strongly integrated with the local community, USP runs several hospitals, museums and public services that benefit the population. These range from scientific and cultural activities to innovative health care and therapy.