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Student Exchange Programmes

Study abroad at USP

The University of São Paulo (USP) offers exchange places for university students from all over the world who can apply for an international exchange programme at USP if they are enrolled in a foreign Higher Education Institution (HEI).

USP and its campuses

USP has 8 campuses spread across the state of São Paulo:

  • São Paulo Campus, subdivided into four different locations:
    1. São Paulo Cidade Universitária Armando de Salles Oliveira – Campus Butantã (see location);
    2. São Paulo USP Leste (see location);
    3. São Paulo Faculdade de Direito – Largo de São Francisco- School of Law (see location);
    4. São Paulo Quadrilátero da Saúde: School of Nursing, School of Medicine, School of Public Health, Institute of Tropical Medicine (see location);
  • Bauru (see location)
  • Lorena (see location);
  • Piracicaba (see location);
  • Pirassununga (see location);
  • Ribeirão Preto (see location);
  • Santos (see location) – Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering of the School of Engineering;
  • São Carlos (see location);

More information on each of USP’s campuses is available here.

Exchange Programmes

USP offers undergraduate and postgraduate exchange places as follows:

  • Undergraduate level (BA degree and teacher education programmes): course attendance;
  • Undergraduate level: design, execution and evaluation of research activities under the guidance of a USP professor;
  • Undergraduate level (BA degree and teacher education programmes): a combination of research and course attendance;
  • Graduate level (Master’s and PhD degree): Research under the guidance of a USP professor;
  • Graduate level (Master’s and PhD degree): course attendance;
  • Graduate level (Master’s and PhD degree): a combination of research and course attendance.

Students enrolled in Master programmes may be advised to enroll preferably in courses offered at the undergraduate level (see also Structure of degree programmes)

How to apply

Students interested in studying abroad at USP should contact their home university Student Exchange Coordinator in order to obtain information on how to be nominated.

To apply for the exchange programme at USP, the student must be officially nominated by the exchange coordinator of their institution. Information for (non-)partner institutions and applicants is available on our nomination/registration platform Mundus.

The deadlines and conditions for nomination and application for exchange are different for undergraduate and postgraduate. Depending on the study level in which the student is interested, different procedures should be followed. For more details on how to apply, visit the specific page.

Free Movers are not eligible for exchange and cannot apply through USP International Cooperation Office.  Students considering applying as Free Mover, should contact directly the Local International Office of the School/Institute of their interest to check their eligibility the application procedures.

Visa Information

If accepted for an exchange period at the Universidade de São Paulo, the student will receive an Acceptance Letter directly from the relevant Faculty/School/Institute. Providing the original document at the Brazilian diplomatic representation PTEN or ES in their home country is a mandatory step for students to request the appropriate Student Visa (VITEM IV).

For stays lasting no longer than 3 months (90 days), students may apply for a Visit Visa (Visto de Visita).

Mercosur citizens may be enrolled holding a ‘Mercosur Visa’. Nevertheless, they will not be able to receive any scholarship from whatever Brazilian funding agencies or institutions, if applicable. If granted a scholarship within the framework of a Brazilian programme, the student should apply for a Student Visa ‘VITEM IV’. USP is not allowed to enroll students holding a tourist visa!

Further information is available on the Consular Portal of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Health insurance

The student will also have to provide evidence of medical insurance or appropriate and valid travel medical insurance policy for registration upon arrival. Students must purchase their Health/Travel Insurance in their countries of origin before travelling to Brazil (this must cover the entirety of the stay in Brazil). International students will have access to the Brazilian Public Health System only in emergency cases.


USP is a public state institution that welcomes exchange students at no cost, except for a few short summer, winter and extension courses (refresher, diffusion, specialization, professionalizing, extension, etc) that are either free of charge or offered at reduced fees.

National Migration Registry

The ‘National Migratory Registration Card’ (Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório – CRNM) replaced the former ‘National Foreign Registry’ (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiro – RNE), the long-term identity document issued after Federal Police registration. Visitors will be required to register with the Brazilian Federal Police office within 90 days upon arrival and apply for a CRNM (information available in Portuguese, English and Spanish). For more information, please contact the Local International Office operating at your host school.

Housing Options and Campus Life

USP does not provide housing facilities for exchange students within the campuses. The search for accommodation must be carried out by the students themselves according to their economic conditions and personal interests.

For further information regarding alternative housing options outside the campuses, please contact the Local International Office of your host school. Alternatively, there are some options available at Campus Life > Housing.

USP strongly recommends that students participate in the USP iFriends Programme, which aims at integrating international students into the university community and help them, especially with finding accommodation.

USP has university restaurants for all students. Several campuses offer free bus transportation. Please check the relevant website (available in Portuguese).

Mobility Team

For more information about studying abroad at USP, please contact the person in charge at USP of the exchange programme with your home university:

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North America, Caribbean, Asia and

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