USP iFriends is a program created for you: exchange student or USP student!

USP iFriends is a voluntary and free program designed for you, whether you are a USP student or an international student!

Since 2011, this program, promoted biannually by the USP International Office (Aucani), has been facilitating the voluntary reception of international students by USP students, fostering an exchange of courses and cultures. It encourages language practice, the formation of new friendships, and provides assistance to international students upon their arrival.

If you are a USP student, you can sign up as a volunteer and select international students to take advantage of the opportunity to practice other languages, make new friends, get up close with other cultures through interactions with students from foreign universities, and assist them upon their arrival and stay in Brazil.

If you are an international student (exchange student or enrolled in a regular USP program), you can register for the program to receive support upon your arrival and adaptation to Brazil and the University of São Paulo. You’ll also have the chance to learn more about Brazilian culture and make new friends.

This initiative also offers an opportunity to experience the city with a fresh perspective, exploring historical sites, tourist attractions, cultural centers, and traditional dishes. Moreover, students have the chance to engage in a rich exchange of experiences that is relevant for both personal and professional growth.