The Program for Partner Graduate Students (PEC-PG, in the Portuguese acronym) is a government cooperation program with countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

All the information about the program and requirements to apply are available at: (in Portuguese).

Foreign students interested in applying to a graduate program via PEC-PG at USP must get in touch directly with the Graduate Desk of the School of interest so as to know how to apply and ask for an acceptance letter. Applicants must submit the following documents:

*The School may require additional documents to analyze the request.

Prospective Degree Seeking Students should browse the programmes at the webpage of the Office of Graduate Studies or directly in the website section dedicated to the postgraduate education at each single College/School/Research Institute (pós-graduação). Specific questions related to the admission of students into postgraduate programmes via PEC-G should be addressed to the local international offices operating at the faculty level. Before contacting the relevant course, please make sure at which School/Faculty/Institute the programme of your interest is offered. Some programmes are offered jointly by two or more of them. In this case, either can be contacted.