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AUCANI’s Liaison Office / Delegations

AUCANI’s Liaison Office was created in response to the demands that emerged from the dynamics of international academic relations.

It is currently a part of the Academic Reception Office of AUCANI (acronym for the USP Agency for National and International Academic Cooperation), located at the International Diffusion Center, on the Butantã Campus. AUCANI is the one responsible for welcoming the national and international delegations that visit the University of São Paulo (USP) with the aim of creating and promoting opportunities for academic cooperation.

The Liaison Office receives professors and researchers of the most diverse areas of knowledge from renowned universities around the world, as well as managers responsible for decision-making at the highest levels of the international and diplomatic academic universe. This brings new collaborations in research, as well as new mobility opportunities for teachers and students.

The goal is to establish strategies for academic relations between USP and institutions, whether foreign universities or other institutions, with the purpose of promoting cooperation in matters of teaching, research, culture and university extension, at the national and international levels.

It is important to note that the Liaison Office is one of the main entry points for academic cooperation.

Some of the attributions of the Liaison Office / Delegations are:

 In general terms, the Liaison Office processes and maintains contact between representatives of institutions and representatives of the University of São Paulo, in order to create and develop opportunities for national and international cooperation. For this purpose, we kindly request that institutions interested in cooperating with USP fill in the visits form and send it to the email, to make the meetings feasible.



Ilza A de Oliveira Godoi

Liaison Officer



Iasmin Cardoso Rodrigues