University of São Paulo - Brazil


* What is the role of the USP International Cooperation Office (AUCANI) in the USP iFriends Program?
The main functions of AUCANI are: to promote contact between Amigos USP and USP Exchange Students through the editions of the Program; offer basic support through online support materials ( and service via e-mail.

* It is AUCANI who chooses who will be friends with whom?
No, it is the USP Friends themselves who choose the Exchange Students of whom they will be friends from the database contained in the System.


* How is the choice of friends made?
AmigoUSP: Register for the Program through the menu item “Programa USP iFriends”, available on the Jupiter and Janus Systems, and see the profiles of USP Exchange Students who have not yet made the most of their selections. When you are interested in a profile to assist in your exchange in Brazil, just add it as a friend to view your contact. Simultaneously, the system sends automatic e-mail to the exchange student informed of his selection.

Exchange student: when applying for an exchange at USP, indicate an option to participate in the USP iFriends Program. Your information will be stored in our databases and your profile will be available for viewing by USP students enrolled in the Program. When selected by a USP friend, the system automatically notifies the exchange student via e-mail message.


* How does the contact between USP iFriends and exchange students?
At the time of choice, the exchange student’s e-mail will be visible to USP iFriend and the exchange student receives automatic e-mail with information about USP iFriend. USP iFriend and Intercambista are responsible for getting in touch with each other.


* How many exchange students can an AmigoUSP link to?
Each AmigoUSP can join a maximum of 3 exchange students.


* How many AmigoUSP can each exchange student have?
Each exchange student can be linked to up to 3 AmigoUSP.


* Is it possible to link exchange students and friends from USP campuses in different cities?
No; the system only allows associations to be made between USP students and exchange students from campuses in the same city.


* What support will I receive from AUCANI?
Support for questions and support materials (available at


* Who can I ask questions with?
With the USP iFriends team, via email


* USP iFriends program provides certificate of participation with a workload?
Do not.