University of São Paulo - Brazil

USP iFriends Activities

Suggested activities for Amigos USP

AIRPORT – welcoming an exchange student at the airport or providing guidance on travel to the desired destination (city; hotel / home)

(there are options for routes to the USP campuses described in the guides prepared by AUCANI available at

HOUSING – providing tips, contacts or ideas for finding housing; considering that USP students know the city better and can then indicate better places to live, taking into account prices and other factors

• LEGALIZATION OF THE STAY – assisting the exchange student in the registration process with the Federal Police and other agencies. Foreign students have one month to regularize their status in Brazil. After this period, a fine will be charged for each day of delay. It is advisable that Amigo USP accompanies the exchange student to the Federal Police and helps him with the documentation issue, since the Federal Police website has part of the content available only in Portuguese. For more information on the National Migration Registration Card, access – (Whenever necessary, seek more information from your USP international local office)

ACADEMIC ORIENTATION – assisting the exchange student in academic and practical matters at the Unit and at USP: providing guidance on subjects, teachers, libraries, Academic Center, Athletic, computer room, wi-fi, photocopying, Circular bus, CEPEUSP, among others.

(suggested support materials: International Guide, other Guides and Note for visitors, available at

LANGUAGE – assist the foreigner with the Portuguese language.

• CULTURAL INTEGRATION – indicate options on practical issues, such as teaching you how to use public transport, going to the bank, the post office, buying a cell phone chip. In addition, indicate or accompany you in cultural events: cinemas, exhibitions, cultural centers, theaters, parties, among others. These integration activities will favor the exchange student’s adaptation to Brazilian culture and daily life quickly and profitably (suggestions from museums and cultural centers in International Guide, available at