University of São Paulo - Brazil

The Provost for International Cooperation

Professor Valmor Tricoli

He has an undergraduate degree in Physical Education from the School of Physical Education and Sport – USP (EEFE-USP)  (1989), Master in Biodynamics of Human Movement by EEFE-USP (1994), PhD in Exercise Science and Wellness by Brigham Young University, USA (2000) and postdoctoral studies at Edith Cowan University, Australia (2010). Since 2013, he is a Full Professor at EEFE-USP Sport Department. At EEFE-USP he was chairman of the Research Committee (2007-2008), the Research Ethics Committee (2007-2008) and the Graduate Committee (2008-2011). He was head of the Department of Sport (2010-2014) and Director of the School (2014-2018).

He held the position of Associate Director in the area of International Academic Relations of the USP International Office (2018-2019). He develops teaching activities in undergraduate and graduate courses with subjects involving the theory and application of training methods for the improvement of physical performance. His research interest involves the study of neuromuscular adaptations to strength training with emphasis in the investigation of training strategies for the development of muscle mass and improvement of physical and sport performance.

Currently is Provost for International Cooperation of USP International Cooperation Office.