University of São Paulo - Brazil


Exchange Students

Registrations for undergraduate exchange students are made through the Mundus System, by filling out the USP mobility application form.

After completing a short registration, your profile will be available for selection by AmigoUSP articipating in the program. Whenever there is a selection of your profile, an automatic email is sent to the exchange student with the information of your new USP iFriend. Each exchange student can receive a selection of up to 3 USP students.

As soon as this selection is made, your new USP iFriend has access to the contact information of the exchange student to start a conversation.


USP Students

Registration takes place twice a year, through USP Systems, under the menu item “Programa USP iFriends”.

Undergraduate Students: JupiterWeb System
Graduate Students: Janus System

When completing a small registration with your profile, USP student has access to the list of exchange students participating in the program. To become ifriend, simply select up to 3 exchange students profiles, add them as friends. After selection, an automatic e-mail is sent to the exchange student with the information of their new USP iFriend and contact information for the exchange student will be available to the USP student who can already start a conversation.