University of São Paulo - Brazil

Scheduling for RNM through AUCANI

The foreigner has up to 90 (ninety) days to request his temporary stay in the country, by making an online appointment on the website of the Federal Police. However, the demand for this service has grown considerably, so that foreigners find it difficult to schedule an available date to regularize their situation.

The AUCANI Academic Reception Office, in view of this situation, established a partnership with the Federal Police (São Paulo) so that the necessary schedules for obtaining the CRNM (National Migration Registry Card) are carried out directly by AUCANI from the Federal Police, in the cases of strangers linked to the campuses of the city of São Paulo (Cidade Universitária, USP Leste, Quadrilátero da Saúde and Largo São Francisco). Thus, the foreigner who is linked to USP does not need to schedule a date directly on the Federal Police website – subject to waiting for availability of vacancies – but just contact AUCANI who will do this procedure more quickly.

To do so, it is necessary to first contact the International Office of the Faculty to which the foreigner is attached and provide all documents required by the Federal Police, according to each case. More information about the necessary documents can be accessed at .