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National Migratory Registry (RNM)

According to the laws in force in Brazil, students and scholars have up to 30 days (with the Official Journal of Union publication) or 90 days (with a temporary visa) to request their temporary residency in the country. This procedure is performed by obtaining the National Migratory Registration (RNM), which replaced the National Registration of Foreigners (RNE) in 2017. Any failure in meeting this deadline will result in a daily fine for the applicant, in addition to the impossibility of enrolling at USP.

Students and scholars must access the Federal Police website (, check which documents are required according to each case, and request an appointment. A date will be set for the applicant to attend at the Federal Police Superintendency, according to the corresponding campus, where all original documents must be presented. If the application is approved, a protocol will be issued containing the RNM and, subsequently, the National Migratory Registration Card (CRNM) will be issued and available.

However, the demand for this service has grown considerably, in a way that most applicants find it difficult to schedule an appointment on an available date to regularize their status.

Facing this situation, the AUCANI’s Academic Reception Office established a partnership with the Federal Police (São Paulo) allowing students and scholars associated with USP and residing in the capital of Sao Paulo (Cidade Universitária, USP Leste, Quadrilátero da Saúde and Largo São Francisco) to schedule an appointment via AUCANI. Registering, renewing, or requesting a duplicate of the CRNM and obtaining/renewing the Residence Authorization for study purposes are the types of requests available. Therefore, the applicant associated with USP does not need to schedule a date directly on the Federal Police website, subject to the availability of vacancies. You can just contact AUCANI and request your appointment more easily.

To request this appointment, it is necessary to contact the respective Local International Office at USP and provide all documents required by the Federal Police, according to each case. More information about the requested documents can be found at

For any questions, please contact us at

Useful websites

Entry Visas to Brazil Chart (QGRV) – English Version


Local International Offices at USP – CCInt/CRInt

Ordinances and communications about migration — National Agencies and USP:

LAW No. 13.445, of May 24, 2017 (Migration Law):

RECTOR’S OFFICE ORDINANCE No. 7658 OF February 23, 2021 (procedures for the regularization of foreigners holding the temporary visa VITEM I):

ORDINANCE No.28-DIREX/PF, of March 16, 2022 (new extension for the regularization of foreigners in Brazil):

Common Questions

Who can request the RNM appointment via AUCANI:

Only students and scholars enrolled at USP (it does not include dependents).

How to apply?

The applicant must contact the respective Local International Office (CRInt/CCInt) and send them all documents requested by Federal Police. After a verification made by AUCANI, an appointment will be scheduled in accordance with the Federal Police’s availability, where you must present all original documents.

Is it mandatory to request the appointment for migratory regularization via AUCANI?

It is not — this is an additional support service offered by AUCANI, so that students and scholars may choose to request it or not.

What documents are requested by the Federal Police?

The documents may vary in each type of request and can be found at If there are any questions, it is important to contact the Federal Police Superintendency directly (, no caso de São Paulo), as they can only answer to the requerent.