University of São Paulo - Brazil

Online Portuguese Course for Foreigners

The Universidade de São Paulo offers exchange students an online course with a basic level of Portuguese. The USP International Cooperation Office announces every semester the opening of registrations for the Online Portuguese Course for Foreigners, presented to undergraduate students of foreign institutions in exchange programs, and to foreign graduate students at USP.

As a result of the partnership between the Universidade de São Paulo and Universia Brasil, the Online Portuguese Course for Foreigners – Basic A1 Level was developed by USP certified professors. It allows the student to access the lessons according to his/her time availability and learning pace.

The course is free of charge and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, waiting for the student’s access. He/she is responsible for the study rate.

Attention! The grants covered by this announcement are restricted to the Basic A1 Level, according to agreement signed by USP and Universia. If Universia implements other levels of this course, they won’t be automatically comprised by the agreement with USP. Provided that it is object of interest of both parts, the free offering of new, higher levels of the course will be covered by a new agreement and the publishing of specific announcements.

The course is structured in 10 modules of 6 hours of length each, with 10 middle tests and a final. It has a workload of 60 hours.

Each study unit starts with an animated case, with audio, presenting communicative functions, where the vocabulary, the culture, the grammar and the lexicon will be extracted from.
The course is entirely online and self-instructional. Printed material won’t be provided.

Our course has as main objectives:
– To acknowledge basic words and phrases which are ordinarily used concerning themselves, their family and the immediate surroundings;
– To comprehend words, well-known names and very simple sentences (for example, the ones present at catalogues and banners);
– To participate in simple conversations on common themes or immediate needs, to describe the place where they live and the people they know;
– To write postcards and simple e-mails, to fill out forms with personal info, name, nationality, address etc.

For your questions/doubts and for further information, please contact our area responsible ( and also the local international office of your Unit / School / Faculty at USP. All contacts are at this link: