University of São Paulo - Brazil

Alumni USP: reaching out to 100,000 former students

Alumni USP benefits both the university administration and its former students. Learn more about Alumni USP here.

USP creates new Pro-rectory to increase policies of inclusion and belonging

USP reinforces its commitment of being an open and inclusive space to Brazilian society.

USP Staff participates in Vilnius Tech International Staff Week

Within the framework of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme.

USP and Shenzhen University to open new research center

Learn more about the new research center project here.

USP International Intercultural Center hosts the Israeli Universities Fair 2022

On April 6th 2022.

USP’s Brasiliana library and the preservation of Brazilian history

Learn more about the Brasiliana library and the event in this article.

USP has a new Provost for International Cooperation

Prof. Dr. Sergio Persival Baroncini Proença.

The Museum of Zoology of the University of São Paulo in Brazil offers a post-doctoral position in the area of Systematics of Hymenoptera with a scholarship

More information here.

USP elects new President and Vice-President

Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior and Maria Arminda do Nascimento Arruda will take office on January 25th 2022, and will serve a 4 years term.

Paulo Freire through the eyes of Nita Freire: a 100-year struggle for equality and literacy

To commemorate the centenary of Paulo Freire’s birth, one of the paramount philosophers and educators of the 20th Century, we talked with Freire’s widow, Ana Maria Freire, about his life, values and immense impact on the world today.

The Israel Corner had its opening ceremony at the International Intercultural Center

On December 15th.

The USP iFriends Program is open: resuming an in-person edition

Sign up!

USP’s Engineering School celebrates the 20-year anniversary of its double degree program

You can learn more about Poli here.

Get to know the USP International Intercultural Center

USP announces the inauguration of the academic reception office for foreign and domestic institutions and a public space for intercultural exchange.

Yale’s Shyam Sunder is keynote speaker at University of São Paulo’s research forum on accounting

To learn more about the event and its previous editions access here.

WC2 network: developing a better urban future

The World Cities World Class University (WC2) network has recently announced the WC2 Challenge 2020 winners and held its well-known WC2 Symposium.

Hemispheric University Consortium celebrates achievements in its third year

Read more here.

USP’s International Office: prominence and cooperation

The University of São Paulo was founded in 1934. Since then, the institution has expanded itself nationally and internationally, becoming one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil, Latin America and the entire world.

Towards a sustainable future: the University of São Paulo’s relevance in the Global Challenge Lab 2021

You can learn more about USP’s participation and impact in the Global Challenge Lab here.  

USP organizes a webinar on Structural Bioinformatics

Join us on September 10th, 2021.

ESALQ celebrates 120 years of history

One of Brazil’s oldest higher education institutes, as well as one of USP’s founding institutions, it plays a fundamental role as Brazil’s international reference in agricultural sciences.

USP and Harvard propose a new treatment to induce faster remission of breast cancer

Read more here.

WCRP Programme – Survey for climate educators

Participate in the first international survey.

USP students are among the winners of the Global Challenge Lab 2021

Access here the results.

The Institut Pasteur International Network is evolving and becoming the PASTEUR NETWORK

Through a One Health approach based on international solidarity.

USP Projects have been chosen as the winners of the WC2 Challenge 2020

Access here for further information.

Animal Welfare – a personal account of its evolution in Brazil

Brazil is on its way to becoming a world leader in the welfare of farm animals.

AUCANI holds a virtual meeting with the University of Chicago (USA) to initiate a partnership between the institutions

On Wednesday, June 30.

The English Graduate Program celebrates its 50th Anniversary

The postgraduate program in Linguistics and Literary Studies in English was founded in 1971, and is one of the only graduate courses in Brazil completely devoted to the study of English.

Lygia Fagundes Telles: one of Brazil’s most important writers among USP’s alumni

Born in the city of São Paulo in 1923, Lygia Fagundes Telles is recognized as one of the most influential writers of Brazilian literature.

50 years of excellence: the ICMC completes five decades of academic merit and international reference on technology and computer science

Access here our new feature about the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

USP Virtual iFriends program is renewed for a new season of connection and exchange

USP iFriends is a semi-annual volunteer program of cultural and language exchange at University of São Paulo.

USP’s faculty participate in Yale and Brazil initiative

Access the website of the webinars.

Within USP’s area, the greenery of the Atlantic Forest

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most biodiverse biomes in the world. And it is also located at USP’s biggest campus, which preserves more than 360 botanic species in the middle São Paulo city.

USP and UGPN: a decade of research and international cooperation

With the mission to create a foundation for international collaboration enabling academics and students to work together on issues of global importance.

USP’s COVID-19 response

From one of the fastest genome sequencing results to the creation of a nasal spray vaccine, USP has been a worldwide pioneer in research and discoveries regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to learn more about USP’s efforts to overcome these challenging times.

About the Liaison Office at the USP International Cooperation Office

Responsible for welcoming the national and international delegations that visit the University of São Paulo (USP)

How does the pandemic affect activities at the University of São Paulo and USP International Cooperation Office?


Communication to foreigners about the Migratory National Registry (RNM)


A message from the Provost for International Cooperation

To International Community.